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How do I officially sign up?

Once you log either your fitness hours or service hours, your child(ren) will receive their first Project Becoming our Best wristband and your family will be considered members of the program. 


What grades can participate in Project Becoming our Best?

Students in all grades can participate!  All can log fitness and service hours and get the rewards, even if the volunteering and/or fitness happens independent of Project BoB opportunities.


We will do our best to ensure that there are at least a couple of family volunteering opportunities each month that are suitable for all grades. Each nonprofit has set guidelines for the their volunteers and some prefer older students. Please check the guidelines for each nonprofit before signing up.
Kindergarten thru 2nd grade students will not be participating in the Marathon Challenge Running Club (on Monday mornings). The Marathon Challenge is for 3rd-5th grade only.  However, K-2 students can log fitness hours that are completed outside of school.


What is different about volunteering with Project Becoming our Best?

Volunteering with Project BoB is not just about logging hours, it is about learning more about the needs of our community.  Every opportunity will have resources and discussion questions that will help everyone learn about the organization and their cause, and reflect on the experience.    Even the Marathon Challenge running club will have a short kindness challenge/reflection included.


Which shirt do I purchase?

There are two shirt options for Project BOB.  There is a gray soft fit shirt that students and parents can wear to promote the program at school and while volunteering within the community.  We do encourage you to wear this shirt for community service events that you sign up for on our website.  It will help identify members of Project BOB from BBES to the nonprofit charities where we will be serving.  Think of it as our very cute uniform!  This shirt is $10.  You can find the order form on our main page.


3rd-5th grade students that will be participating in the Marathon Challenge need to purchase a blue dri fit shirt to wear on Mondays.  The back of this shirt will be used to mark completed running laps.  This is how we will keep track of students that finish the full 26.2 miles.  This shirt is $15.  You can find the order form on our main page.


When is the Marathon Challenge Running Club?

Project BOB meets on Mondays at 7:20am for the Marathon Challenge.  The Marathon Challenge is for 3rd-5th grade students only.  Please drop your student in the back of the school, near the cafeteria.  They will need a hall pass to be admitted into the school.  For the first few weeks, our hall pass will be their Marathon Tag.  Students will pick up their tag on the first day of running - September 25th, 2017.  Staff will be available in the cafeteria to distribute the Marathon Tags.  Once our shirt order arrives, the Marathon Challenge t-shirts will be your student's hall pass.  Please order a blue dri fit shirt if your child wants to complete the challenge of running 26.2 miles.  The t-shirt order form is on our homepage.


How do I view and sign up for Family Volunteering opportunities?

Follow the “Community Service Sign Up Genius” link on the Bear Branch Elementary/Project BOB webpage, read the notes about each
opportunity and sign up. Please make sure that you follow all directions that are included with the opportunity.  If you are not able to
attend, please cancel your signup at least 3 days before the event.  Signups are one spot per family member (Mom + 2 kids =3 spots).
Some opportunities may be added closer in to the event. If you’d like to be contacted when new opportunities open up, follow Project
Becoming our Best on Facebook and/or Instagram and/or text @projectbob to 81010 to sign up for the Project BoB Remind.


Can my kids volunteer alone?

No. Since the focus of Project BoB is to strengthen families and communities, children will need to be accompanied by at least one parent/guardian.


How can I help?

  • Help establish relationships with local nonprofits and/or businesses and/or funding sources
  • Follow Project Becoming our Best on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter and use hashtag #projectbecomingourbest when posting about your experiences
  • Help cutting, printing/copying
  • Share your story about your experiences by clicking on “Share Your Story” on the Bear Branch Elementary/Project BOB webpage
  • Although we will not charge for the volunteering opportunities, we may include a suggested donation amount to help pay for the supplies needed for the opportunity. If you are able to give, we’d appreciate it.


If you can help in any of these ways, please contact Teri at . Thank you!