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Arrival and Dismissal

BBE Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Learner safety is our highest priority. In order to ensure safety for all, please observe the following procedures when picking up and dropping off your learners.

Helpful Information:

  • Please remain on the right-hand side, along the curb, at all times.
  • Please pull all the way forward to the next available cone.
  • Unload in areas between the first and last cone.
  • Parents, please remain in your car and off your cell phones. Staff or your learners will open car doors.
  • Please only enter/exit from car doors facing the building.
  • Please have your car tag hanging on your rearview window.
  • Please do not release your child to walk across the crosswalk or the bus entrance by him/herself.
Map of Car Rider Line


  • The front gate closes at 7:45 am so that the drive becomes an “EXIT ONLY” (Do not attempt to enter from 1488)
  • Campus supervision begins at 7:45 and students go to the cafeteria upon arrival.
  • Please be alert and off your phone in the car loop. It’s the law!
  • Our staff will direct you when to pull forward or stop.
  • If all drivers follow our procedures we can unload quickly and safely.
  • Learners are to be IN THEIR SEATS (not exiting their cars) by 8:30, or they are tardy. By 8:25, staff will turn the driving sign to “Please Park and Come Inside.” This is an indication your learner will not make it and be unpacked, ready to learn, on time.
  • If you arrive and our staff is walking in, or already inside, please park in the parking lot, and walk your learner into the office to sign in. DO NOT drop learners off and let them walk themselves in.


  • The front gate closes at 2:45 pm so that the drive becomes an “EXIT ONLY” (Do not attempt to enter from 1488)
  • Please have your car rider tag hanging on your rearview mirror. Pull up to the cone where your child is waiting.
  • A staff member will put your child in the car.
  • If your child is not at a cone, please pull up to the large orange cones and we will bring your child to you.


Lastly, SMILE and WAVE. We are glad you are here!!