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2017 - 2018 Information

Our plan this year will be to use Remind, Twitter, Newsletters, and Email to help inform parents what is happening at BBES.  Copies of graded work are available as attachments in Home Access Center.  Thanks. 

Wonderful information about Brain Growth, Math and Mistakes

Dr. Jo Boaler from Stanford University wrote a wonderful book, Mathematical Mindsets, that lays out many key concepts related to brain research and the way we teach and learn math.  I have attached a brief file that gives some great information that you can use to help your child.  Making mistakes, investigating them deeply, and discussing math problems in multiple ways provides the greatest brain growth.

Think Through Math

Think Through Math, "TTM", is a website designed to review and test over grade level math concepts your child will need to be successful on their state exam as well as on our common assessments. It is admittedly not as fun as First in Math or some of the other programs that are game like, but TTM is an EXCELLENT review for those students who are either fearful of passing STAAR, or those students who know they can pass, but want to push themselves to achieve "Advanced" status on the exam.   Students are allowed to use this website in the computer lab on Mondays instead of First in Math.  They can also choose to use TTM in the classroom when their regular work is completed.