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FAQs about BBES Birthday Recognition

What is the best way to recognize my child’s birthday at school?

We encourage all parents to purchase a birthday book for their child. The cost is $15.  Each student selects a book from the Librarian’s Birthday Book Cart and a bookplate with the name of the student is inserted into the front of the book as a dedication. The child’s picture is taken with the book and posted in the BBES Birthday Hall.

Do cupcakes/cookies need to be approved?

Yes, if you wish to recognize your child’s birthday at school by having you may order them through the MISD Food Service

How can my request be approved?

Please complete the BBES Birthday Treat Nutrition Application and submit it to your child's teacher at least 2 weeks prior to the birthday recognition.  hese applications are located on our webpage or in the Bear Branch front office.
What may I bring?

We are no longer allowed to have cupcakes brought to store. You will need to order with the MISD Food Service. 

When will these recognitions take place?

Each Teacher will decide on a preferred time. 

Where can I get a copy of the approval form?

You may obtain a copy of the Birthday Treat Order Form on Bear Branch’s webpage or from our front office staff.

When can we recognize my child’s birthday?

All birthdays should be recognized on, immediately before or immediately after the actual birthday. Parents of students with summer birthdays should contact teachers to secure a convenient time to celebrate.

May we celebrate things other than birthdays?

This recognition applies to birthdays only. Moving out of town or celebrating a tournament victory may be appropriate outside of the school day. Only birthday recognitions may be celebrated at school. 

May I come to the recognition?

The recognition is “in class” only and limited to teachers and students.