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What's for Lunch?

Second Grade read many mystery stories, finding clues and coming up with solutions. Second Graders are great at drawing conclusions. We ended the unit with a real mystery. Our detectives flashed their Kid Detective Badges and were off to find a missing lunch. Where was the missing lunch? Ask a second grader. The Detectives then wrote about their sleuthing experiences and their in”vest”igation. What great memories we are making at Bear Branch Elementary School!
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5th Grade Going Batty!

Fifth graders are going “Batty” in writing. They are currently writing about things that irritate them and what really makes them grouchy. We are learning a lot about them and their frustrations. They are also learning how to add fractions with uncommon denominators in math. For science, students are learning how fossils are formed and will be excavating their own fossils.
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First Grade ROCKS!

First graders explored rocks and soil this month. Students learned how to describe, compare, and sort rocks and soils using physical properties (e.g., size, shape,
color, texture). Students also Identified which earth materials are best suited
for different uses based on their physical properties (e.g., sand for the sandbox).
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Book Fair Coming Next Week!

BBE will have the fall book fair in the library next week. We will be open late on Thursday, October 23rd until 6:00 pm. Look for the flyer in Tuesday folders. If you would like to shop online you can visit our book fair webpage below.
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Kindergarten Study Rocks!

Kindergarten has been studying rocks and soil. The Montgomery County Master Gardeners came to present a lesson on soil and rocks. Kindergarten students participated by adding individual components of soil together to help better see what makes up our soil.
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What Good Readers Do

Fourth graders have added one more tool to their “what good readers do” bag. The tool most recently added was visualization. Visualization is the image or movie that our minds create as we read and engage with text. We listened to stories read, donned our visualization glasses to help us focus, and then created the illustrations to match what we heard. We are well on our way to becoming skillful readers.
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Family Reading Night was a success!

Thursday, September 25th we had our first Family Reading Night. We introduced the Scholastic program Raising Readers. Our first month was learning "I Read To You". We will continue Family Reading Night once a month. Next month we will continue the program with "You Read To Me." Come join us and learn strategies to help your students build their comprehension, fluency, and prediction skills while developing a love of reading.
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Third Grade Skates!

Third Grade had a wonderful time skating in P.E! We learned how to skate really well, and all of us graduated to rollerblades! We enjoyed playing Six Cones, doing the Limbo, and free skating. We are so happy that skating is part of our lessons. Thank you, Mrs. Schurmann and Mrs. Gambill for your hard work!
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First Grade Rules!

First Graders at Bear Branch have learned their school and classroom rules. Mrs. Hermes' class read David Goes To School and made a chart of good rules to follow. Each student then made their own "David" and wrote a class rule.
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