Rainwater Harvesting System added to our Greenhouse.

The school would like to thank those who contributed to making this project possible:  Andrea Kieller of 
Remax, The Woodlands/Spring along with Sterling and Marianne Combs for providing the funds, Jim 
Bundscho of Homestead Services for installing the system, and Home Depot for donating the pavestones around the tank.  

Bear Branch Elementary has a Junior Master Gardening (JMG) program at their school where they take 
care of the school’s butterfly garden, grow vegetables, fruit and receive special presentations from 
Master Gardeners. The school also has a greenhouse where they grow their own plants from seed.  

The JMG group meets weekly at the school and consists of 4th and 5th graders.  The entire Kindergarten class also participates in JMG programs throughout the year. Just this past month the JMG program at Bear Branch has been awarded 2nd place in the state by the Texas Master Garden Association for their JMG programs at the school. 

The school added the Rainwater Harvesting system to the school.  The Rain Harvesting System collects water off the school greenhouse through gutters, and stores rainwater for later use.  The school is using this system to irrigate their vegetable beds where they have tomatoes, peppers, onions, lettuce, squash, beans and carrots.

Rainwater is good for your plants because it is free of minerals that can harm your plants. The school will not only benefit from the use of collecting rainwater but they also will make good use of a valuable 
resource.  With the state’s limited supply of water we all need to learn to use water wisely. Rainwater 
Harvesting is an innovative approach anyone can use.  As teacher, Sue Buchholz puts it, “This water harvesting system is a great addition to our greenhouse and outdoor gardens.  It will not only teach the students about water conservation but it will make watering the vegetable gardens so much more effective.” Before this system was installed the teachers and students were hand watering with watering cans by making many trips back and forth to a water faucet.