Student of the Month - Mason Zavorski

The Student of the Month for Magnolia ISD is Mason Zavorski.  Mason is a 4th-grade student, and he has attended Bear Branch since Kindergarten.  One of his favorite memories was watching the Charlie Riley Band during the Christmas sing-along when he was in 2nd grade.  His former teacher, Mrs. Greeson, commented that ¨I always loved how he exhibited Kindness and Leadership to his classmates.  You are an outstanding student and a friend to so many students at Bear Branch.  I am so proud of you!¨  His counselor, Mrs. Stone said this about Mason. “He is a fantastic student and friend.  I have enjoyed watching him grow up to be a caring, thoughtful young man.  Mason is a hard worker and helps others whenever he gets the chance.  He is and has been the best example of a Bear Branch Elementary student through his leadership, kindness, empathy, and success in all that he does.”

Mason´s favorite thing about school is the interactions with his friends.  He enjoys the fun activities in the classroom as well as recess and lunch with his friends.   When asked about his favorite subject, he said, “I like all of them, but if I had to choose one subject, he would choose writing.  His writing teacher is Mrs. Sadlowski.  Mason told me that she should change her name from Sadlowski to Happylowski because she is always happy and helpful in the classroom.  His math teacher, Mrs. Brooks, had this to say about Mason.  ¨I admire the grit and grace you display every day.  You are always doing the right thing even when no one is looking.  You never look for recognition.  I am so glad that we have the opportunity to recognize such an amazing and humble student!¨  

Mrs. Sadlowski, his writing and reading teacher, had this to say about Mason.  ¨You are so deserving of the Student of the Month for Magnolia ISD. Your hard work, dedication to doing your best, and your desire to be the best ´YOU´ at all times are honorable.  Your kind and caring nature, and your ever-present willingness to take time to work with other students in the class, is what impresses me the most.  You and your actions make me smile every day.  I am so proud of you and your ´quiet´ way of being such a wonderful young man.¨  

Outside of school, Mason loves playing Xbox and playing football with friends.  His favorite sport is Lacrosse.  This is his 2nd year playing as a defensive position on the field.  When he had the opportunity to talk about his favorite sport, you could see his passion for playing Lacrosse.  What he likes about the sport is stopping the other team from scoring.  One day, Mason hopes to write a book about Lacrosse, with an author´s purpose in telling others about the importance of teamwork. 

We are fortunate to have Mason on our campus to act as a role model for others.  He lives out our guideline for success as a Bear Branch Bear.  He is always Prepared every day.  He Engages Safely, Acts Responsibly, and Respects Others.  You are an amazing student, and we are so excited about your future as a Magnolia ISD student!  - Jim Gassaway, Principal Bear Branch Elementary