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Welcome to my webpage! I am looking forward to a fabulous year of learning in 4th grade. Please look at the other pages that have been created and become familiar with the webpage. This will be a great source of information to reference throughout the school year.
Folder: Each student has a daily folder. This folder will contain all necessary correspondence, homework, and graded papers. This folder is to go home and returned to school each day. A conduct calendar indicating the type of day he/she had will be in the folder. Please initial the conduct square each day. Conduct: The Fourth Grade is using a chip chart for positive behavior in the classroom. The clip chart consists of a chart that has been divided into levels. All of the children start the day on "Ready to Learn." Then, during the course of the day, the children move their clothespins up or down the chart, based on the behavioral choices they make. If they are making good choices, they can move their clothespin up a level at a time. Inappropriate behavior would cause them to move down a level. Since the children can move up and down throughout the day they realize the control they have over their behavior.
Off the chart- Sticker
Rockstar-Gray/silver sticker
Good Day-Blue sticker
Ready to Learn-Green sticker
Warning-Yellow sticker
Stop and Think-Orange sticker
Note Home- Red sticker
Parent contact/office visit- purple sticker
***Some behaviors can result in immediately going to the office. Example: Fighting