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All late work and Test Corrections are due by Friday, October 14th

Please see my page on grading for specifics.  All graded work can be printed from Home Access Center.  Thanks.

Wonderful information about Brain Growth, Math and Mistakes

Dr. Jo Boaler from Stanford University wrote a wonderful book, Mathematical Mindsets, that lays out many key concepts related to brain research and the way we teach and learn math.  I have attached a brief file that gives some great information that you can use to help your child.  Making mistakes, investigating them deeply, and discussing math problems in multiple ways provides the greatest brain growth; simple and repetitive problem solving does not.  Thanks for taking the time to read over this.

Budget Project

Parents-  In order to both reward those students who put in a ton of effort to finish this assignment, as well as not punish/give zero's to the students who needed a bit more time, I will give a grade to those who are done only if it has a positive effect on their grade, and I will leave blank (the computer will not count the blank as a zero) the grade for those students who will finish the assignment Monday or Tuesday of next week after we have dropped grades for report cards. My hope is that this will be as fair as possible.  Thank you.

Summative Exam Module 11 Thursday, May 5th

Multiplication of Fractions, Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

Area and Perimeter with Mixed Numbers and Borders

Liquid Conversions with Standard Units

Buddy Bench for NEHS

I sent my parents a note about donations for a "buddy bench".  You may want to watch the video and read the article about how a child created this wonderful idea to include children and encourage respectful behavior:
Our hope is to eventually provide each side of the playground with a buddy bench that has been personalized for BBE and lists the intentions of the buddy bench nearby.  Please email with any questions and thank you for considering donating.

Test over Module 10- Tuesday, April 12

There is the possibility the test will be on Wednesday the 13th but I wanted to give the students some advanced notice.
The test covers division with 1 and 2 digit divisors as well as graphing (x,y) and reading a scatter plot.

Review Packet for State Test over 3 Day Weekend

I have made up a review packet with 4-6 questions on each subject covered on the exam on Tuesday.  It is 17 pages and is optional, but I would encourage you to have your son or daughter complete it and show as much work as possible on each question.
In my experience, feeling prepared going into an exam will increase success as well as reduce the stress involved.  I will give two homework passes for any student who completes this work by Tuesday.  Thank you.

Math Exam over 9.1 to 9.6 only, Monday, March 7th

This exam will be over division of whole numbers by a fraction and fractions by a whole number.  A review sheet will be given on Friday, March 4th.  This sheet can be used as notes during the exam.  This exam will count for 4th quarter.

Late work due by Thursday, March 10th @ 4

All late work or test corrections are due no later than
Thursday, March 10th @ 4:00 pm

Extra copies of all work can be printed from Home Access Center.  Find the assignment marked "missing".  Click on the .pdf attachment then print.  Summatives have the test correction page attached.
Extra copies are also in the classroom.  Some may need to be reprinted.  Please allow 1 day for me to print missing papers.  Late work is a maximum of 20 points off.  Test corrections give 1/2 credit (e.g. a 76% would be raised to a 88%).  Thanks.

Think Through Math

Think Through Math, "TTM", is a website designed to review and test over grade level math concepts your child will need to be successful on their state exam as well as on our common assessments. It is admittedly not as fun as First in Math or some of the other programs that are game like, but TTM is an EXCELLENT review for those students who are either fearful of passing STAAR, or those students who know they can pass, but want to push themselves to achieve "Advanced" status on the exam.   Students are allowed to use this website in the computer lab on Mondays instead of First in Math.  They can also choose to use TTM in the classroom when their regular work is completed.

Code.Org is a website devoted to teaching kids the ability to write computer programming code. Using games and helpful videos, makes this important skill accessible and fun for students.  You can set up an account using your child's MISD Gmail account or you may want them to use your private email account. can be also be worked on at home.      You might even try it!  The 'Hour of Code" is quite good and even allows you to print out a certificate.

Test over Chapter/Module 8 - Friday 2/26

Please refer to the Newsletter I sent for content on this upcoming exam.  Corrections are always allowed.  Please let me know what questions you may have.  

Test postponed until Friday, 2-12

Students have a common assessment in writing on Thursday- I do not want them to have a test in my class after such a significant assessment.  This should also allow for one additional day of review, discussion and preparation.  Thanks.