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3rd Grade Welcomes Winter!

Third Graders welcomed winter as they celebrated Snowman Day in their cozy pajamas. One of the many exciting activities of Snowman Day included painting wooden snowmen.
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First Grade's Special Visitor

A special visitor has been coming to every first grade classroom. An elf, assigned by Santa, makes a daily appearance. The children must find his hiding place each morning. The elf promotes character building by encouraging good behavior and focusing on a good deed for the day. The children also use the elf experience in their journal writing.
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JMG welcome the Forest Service

JMG welcomed John Warner from the Forest Service to their meeting on Monday, December 8. Mr. Warner taught the gardeners how to correctly prune and plant a tree. He brought some of the tools he uses. He also talked about what a tree needs in order to survive.
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Peppermint Village

Click on the link below to view the tour of our Peppermint Village. A great place for our students to Christmas shop for their family and friends.
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Kindergarten Fun

Kindergarten students have been busy learning math skills with unifix cubes. During the week they had "bear" visitors help with their daily activities. The bear visit is a great tradition at Bear Branch Elementary and continues to bring lots of smiles to every Kindergarten classroom.
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NEHS Collects Jeans

National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) is collecting jeans for a local charity, Moms Helping Moms of Magnolia. We are asking for your help as we are collecting donated new or gently-used jeans. This charity needs jeans ranging from toddler sizes to high school sizes.

NEHS members will come to classrooms after announcements Tuesdays and Thursdays from December 1st through December 12th, to collect your donated jeans.

As a reward, Mr. Campbell will give the entire grade level with the most donations a special 20 minutes of extra recess. Good Luck!!!
Thank you for helping us help others.
Sincerely, NEHS
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Farmers are Cool!

On Wednesday, November 5th, 2014, Bear Branch 4th graders enjoyed a field trip to Magnolia High School Ag Barn for Ag Day. The students had an opportunity to recognize and celebrate contributions Texas makes to agriculture in our everyday lives. Agriculture provides almost everything we wear, use and eat daily; however, few students truly understood these contributions. The students were exposed to many activities including interacting with live animals such as goats, chickens, and cows. They also had the opportunity to see a cotton gin, a cow produce milk, and learn how bee hives work . The high school students were very knowledgeable, and our 4th graders were great participants, eager to hear about these animals and products. Thank you to Montgomery County Farm Bureau in conjunction with Magnolia High School FFA for hosting the wonderful event.
We hope to have some future farmers in our 4th grade group!
Here are some comments from our students regarding the field trip.
“I think the best part was when we got to pet the chickens.” –James
“One thing I learned was that gum was from cow hooves!”-Fallon
“I never knew that footballs and baseballs came from cow skins.”-Tanner
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Third Graders Love to Read!

Third graders at Bear Branch Elementary love to read! They had a great time choosing books at the Fall Book Fair. A big thanks to Mrs. Cantu and Mrs. Bauerle for working so hard to make our Fall Book Fair a success!
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What's for Lunch?

Second Grade read many mystery stories, finding clues and coming up with solutions. Second Graders are great at drawing conclusions. We ended the unit with a real mystery. Our detectives flashed their Kid Detective Badges and were off to find a missing lunch. Where was the missing lunch? Ask a second grader. The Detectives then wrote about their sleuthing experiences and their in”vest”igation. What great memories we are making at Bear Branch Elementary School!
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